Hi, I'm Kari Schneider MSc, CSCS, CEP, CAT(C)

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Strength & Conditioning


How do you make the best athletes in the world better? How do you get to your physical goals most efficiently and effectively? How do you feel and perform your best for your life or get back from an injury setback? A well planned, science-backed, custom-made program with a coach who has the experience to fine-tune what works for your body's needs. Strength and Conditioning is not just "working out", it is a structured plan that creates the best results. Want access to the best programs, videos, coaching, and customized plans? Kari's programs will get you there!

Motivational Speaking

Corporate. Sports Teams. Business events. Conferences. Kari will inspire, empower and educate for your group's needs.

Online Training
Success Coaching

Whether it is mental or physical, coaching is how the best in the world make continual progress and attain the next level. This can be you. Whether you are just starting or the best in your field it is time to level up!

Essential Oils

To have your optimal health and performance your body and mind thrive with natural alternatives. Doterra Essential oils are the best option for powerful results.


A few years ago I hit a wall. A gym owner for over a decade, I had coached the best athletes in the world for almost 20 years, helped amazing clients reach potentials they didn't think possible and parented a blended family with 5 incredible kids.

Things were rocking- yet I was burnt out. I was getting one cold after another and felt so run down. I couldn't even get a good deep sleep. I was an experienced coach with the most current information. I ate well and trained smart, yet I was always run down, stressed and ended up with pneumonia. The antibiotics kicked my gut! I was ready and open minded for something different and had been exploring the research about essential oils. Doterra's oils, vitamins, and my own self-care made such a positive difference in my life and getting my health back that I knew my clients needed that level of care too. It was an easy decision to align and make it part of my business! What area of your health are you ready to improve with oils?



Does your team (corporate or athletic) need a boost from an outside source? Having coached some of the best athletes and high performers in the world, Kari has 25 years of experience and the tools to give your organization the edge.

Empowering others through personal experience, education, and inspiration- Kari offers solo speaking engagements or combined events with her husband Paul. Paul Duerden, a former Pro and Canadian National team Volleyball player, Olympic television commentator and educator is a powerful example of elite performance. Whether, it is business, sport or the demands of balancing family life, Kari and Paul practice the best habits for success and can inspire and teach your team to their best.

Latest Podcasts

Empowered Athletes Podcast

The Empowered Athlete Podcast inspires, motivates, and builds a sense of community through the experiences shared by the world-class athletes being interviewed, and from Kari and Paul’s expertise. If you love stories of grit and determination and are looking for proven tools for success, hang with Kari and Paul on the EAP.

Bailey Bram - Hockey - Olympian

Tryouts. The word can spark anxiety in any athlete looking to push themselves to the next level. Well what if you're trying out for one of the best teams in the World? And what if the process makes Survivor look like a beach vacation?

Jude St. John - Football - CFL

How do you get to the CFL? Play as much hockey as you can! Offensive lineman Jude St. John spent 14 years in the Canadian Football League, but his first sporting love was on the ice and football simply filled the void between seasons.

Celina Toth - Diving - National Team

Are you afraid of heights? 5 time National diving champion Celina Toth isn't. Celina competes in the women's 10m diving event and has had some incredible results, despite having to deal with body shaming coming from the most unlikely of places.




We want to give you some cool tools to improve your performance in day to day life, training and your future that will make a difference for you now! Pay it forward- tell your friends, teammates and fam.

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