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    • Exercise of the Week/ October 17th/ Bent Over Row

      Posted on October 17th, 17th 2011 by PaulD

      Exercise of the Week is back! Kari shows us that we can get a workout in regardless of where we may be with this weeks exercise, the Bent Over Row. Rock it!

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      • Daytime - October 5th 2011

        Posted on October 13th, 13th 2011 by Kari

        Kari gives a few tips on how to keep it real at the Thanksgiving meal!

        Although Thanksgiving has already passed (although some turkey still lingers in the fridge!) you can still apply Kari's tips to keep yourself in check at any family get together. Don't sabotage your great eating habits during the holidays! 

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        • Exercise of the Week/ August 15th/ Ball Plank Skaters

          Posted on August 15th, 15th 2011 by paulD

          Balls, planks and skaters!?  What are we up to?  Check out this weeks exercise for a great variation on your standard ball plank.  Kari demonstrates how to keep it all under control while you're under pressure!  We'd love to hear from you with questions, comments or requests for an exercise of the week, follow the "Contact Us"  link on the site and we hope to hear from you soon...

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          • We're back after a quick summer break with another Exercise of the Week!  Meet Maeve, our 6 month old girl, who will provide some resistance for Kari as she performs the Walking Lunge with Press.  If you don't have a 15 pound baby to entertain, grab some other kind of weight and get to it!  Train Smart...

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            • Stronger, Higher, Faster!

              Posted on July 26th, 26th 2011 by PaulD

              Empower Track and Field athletes rock on the World Stage!

              Please join us in congratulating three of the Track and Field athletes we have trained here at Empower over the last season, for their amazing performances on the world stage!  


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              • Exercise of the Week/ July 18th/ Weighted Chin Ups

                Posted on July 18th, 18th 2011 by paulD

                Progress, it's a good thing, especially when you're progressing on to a more difficult version of an exercise.  Last week we brought you the Chin Up, and this week it's a Weighted Chin Up.  For those of you out there who can do chin ups easily, take the challenge and strap some weight on!  Follow Kari's instructions and mimic her form on your way to Chin Up excellence!  Train Smart!

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  • Alicia Smith

    I began working out at Empower Conditioning in 2013 and it has had a tremendous impact on me as an athlete . At the time I was looking for a strength and conditioning program that would help take my jumping to the next level , and not only has that happened but Kari has helped me to surpass previous physical and mental limitations. Keep reading.

  • Grant Gilvesy

    Empower has given me more confidence in myself and challenged me to get out of my comfort zone and push the limits! Before Empower I ran and did hot yoga. I was never a 'gym' person. Keep reading.

  • Rhiannon Leier

    Kari played a large part in my swimming success. She was very knowledgeable, I trusted her and she was always professional and motivating... Keep reading.

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