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    • Change of Plans...go with the flow!

      Posted on July 18th, 18th 2010 by Kari

      As you can tell, I have not blogged for a while now! You may be wondering how the half marathon, that I was training so diligently for, went or if the training got harder.

      Well a curve ball was thrown my way. I had built up to 15km on my long runs and was feeling great. I planned my recovery yet my next long run felt difficult and terrible for no apparent reason. Why?!?

      Well low and behold I discovered I was pregnant. Whoa! What to do when you train daily and this type of huge physical change occurs? Well, I considered doing the half-marathon in Winnipeg Manitoba but realistically could not manage the exhaustion that moving across the world entailed prior to the event! Not only that, my blood volume, nausea, and fatigue were rapidly increasing...

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      • Manual Resistance

        Posted on June 7th, 7th 2010 by Kari

        Are you heading for the lake and still want to train? Are you working with a team but don't have a weight room?

        This month's topic is all about training without equipment (or very little anyway)!

        First, let's check out a recent research article... "Effects of Manual Resistance Training On Fitness in Adolescents". In this study adolescent PE students were split into 3 groups- the control group, the Manual Resistance Training (MRT) in PE class group, and the MRT + cardiovascular endurance training...

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        • Maintaining Muscle Mass

          Posted on May 24th, 24th 2010 by Kari

          So, I'm training for a half marathon but I need my "lifts" as well! While most runners would train 5-6 days/week running, I prefer to weight lift and run.

          I also know that my strength and muscle mass will decrease significantly by doing running workouts alone.

          Based on the SAID principle (specific adaptation to imposed demand) the amount of weightlifting I do can affect my running success. That is the last thing I want when I love to compete (with myself and others) and really want to train well for the half to get a good time. So what should I do when my typical training involves 3 runs/week and 3 lifts/week?

          Well first, before you say "drop the lifts and focus on the running for the race" let me tell you why I want to keep the lifts while training...

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