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    • Earth Day Yoga!

      Posted on April 9th, 9th 2012 by paulD

      Our friends at Lululemon Masonville would like you to know about EARTH DAY YOGA  which they are hosting to kick off the outdoor yoga season. Lululemon Ambassador Katrina will be teaching the free session from 10.30 am - 11.30 am. This session is open to all levels and you don't even need your own yoga mat. If you're interested meet at Victoria Park in front of the Bandshell and celebrate Earth Day with your community!
      Earth day is Sunday April 22nd... hope to see you there! 

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      • Stronger, Higher, Faster!

        Posted on July 26th, 26th 2011 by PaulD

        Empower Track and Field athletes rock on the World Stage!

        Please join us in congratulating three of the Track and Field athletes we have trained here at Empower over the last season, for their amazing performances on the world stage!  


        First off, Nicole Setterington took her blazing 100m hurdling to the Youth World Track and Field Championships in Lille, France.  At the competition, Nicole passed through the initial heats and ran very well in the semi-final.  It was an extremely competitive group and Nicole shone for Canada.


        Team mate Alysha Newman also competed in Lille, but in the women’s Pole Vault.  Alysha was the only Canadian to qualify for the finals, clearing 3.90m in her group.  Alysha ended the competition finishing 12th in the World!  


        Branden Wilhelm, wasn’t in France, but was invited to compete with North America’s most elite highjumpers in a special competition in Toronto.  Branden, a junior, was competing against senior jumpers and nearly stole the show, finishing second only to an American Olympian.  Branden cleared 2.15m.


        To learn more about these athletes, please check out the London Legion Track Club’s website.


        From all of us here at Empower, Congratulations!  

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        • OFSAA Track and Field Results

          Posted on June 22nd, 22nd 2011 by PaulD

          We're pumped to bring you some results from the recent OFSAA Track and Field Meet where some of our athletes turned in dominating performances!!


          We've had the pleasure of training several athletes over the winter from the London Legion Track Club, and wanted to share with you some of their incredible results.

            ALI BAKER

          Had a fantastic highjump and maintained her ranking of 5th in Canada in the youth category.

             ALYSHA NEWMAN

          Alysha brought home OFSAA gold and is the number 1 ranked pole vaulter in   Canada.  Not only that, Alysha is ranked number 3 in the world for youth pole vault, and is off to represent Canada at the World Youth Track and Field Championships in Lille, France!!  


          Branden lead off his meet by winning the highjump, with a leap of 2.10m.  He was happy with this result considering he had to start his approach from a piece of plywood on the grass of the infield!  Branden won his second gold of the meet with a personal best in the long jump, flying 7.10m, to claim his first ever gold in the event.  


          Hard work over the winter has paid off for Nicole.  She has improved steadily and has climbed to the top of the Canadian hurdles rankings!  A gold medal performance at OFSAA and fantastic results throughout the season, have Nicole ranked as Canada's number 1 in the event.  She too will represent our country in Lille, at the World Youth Championships.  

          We would like to congratulate all of our athletes on their fantastic season, and wish Nicole and Alysha all the best for their competition this summer against the World's Best!!  

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          • Empower 30 Day Challenge!

            Posted on May 4th, 4th 2011 by Kari

            Are you ready for a challenge? Pick something to get out of your comfort zone and make a difference in your health and life! Follow our progress as all of the Empower Peeps tackle different challenges. One challenge, one month, big changes...join us!

            Empower30 Day Challenge...

            Have you ever challenged yourself?  I mean really got out of your comfort zone?  Well now is the time!  Today kicks off Empower's first 30 day challenge.

            I admit, we all get a little soft in our society of conveniences and quick fix mentalities.  I too feel complacent at times and need to kick my own butt to get motivated.  After reviewing more stats about North America's growing obesity rates and children's lack of physical activity...that's all I needed!

            As a group we, at Empower, decided to participate in a 30 day Challenge to motivate and inspire others to get out of their comfort zone and push for 30 days to make a difference in our own lives!  We've picked areas that we'd like to change over 30 days and let me tell you...a challenge it will be!

            Paul, otherwise known as a Kellog's poster boy, has decided to give up cereal for 30 days!  Wow, this is the guy who scarfs down 3 big bowls before bedtime!  

            I have decided to improve my chin-ups!  I want 2 more within the month!  My work is cut out for me considering I still feel like I'm getting back in shape from being pregnant.

            Craig is going for 4x 30 minute fasted walks/week.  Get him moving and ready for the summer!  Oh ya, he's also giving up any alcohol until he defends his thesis May 26th!!  Go Craig!

            Stephanie is going to run the Beep test once per week.  Ah the Beep of my favourites!  Fond memories of the high pitched beeeeeep echoing through the Winnipeg Empower Gym!  Cue nostalgic music.

            Kyle insists he needs to work on flexibility.  I've asked him for quantifiable specifics and since he hasn't given me any yet...I'm hoping for the splits (not just his pants)!

            Lyndsey is a tough cookie!  She is training for Combines.  That's right...the well-known CFL testing protocol.  If anyone can post some great numbers it's Lyndsey!

            Kristen is going to work on some daily cardio...minimum of 20 minutes!  I knew she was inspired by the sprints we did in the lab!!

            Nathalie is going to kick her cold and get back to the world of the living just in time for some great spring weather...she'll probably be doing a triathlon to celebrate!

            Follow our progress on our Empower Conditioning Blog and on Facebook!  I hope we inspire you to make changes in your life!!  One change in one month, make it a good one!

            Train with purpose...who is purpose anyway?


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            • Under 17 Provincial Champs!

              Posted on April 11th, 11th 2011 by PaulD

              These girls definitely don't act their age.

              On Sunday the Forest City Green U16 girls definitely didn't act their age.  After a hard fought weekend of volleyball at RIM Park in Kitchener-Waterloo, against the province's best U17 teams, Forest City finished atop the podium.  

              In a total team effort over the course of the weekend, and with the boisterous support of the many parents in attendance, the girls brought home the gold.  Don't expect this group to be celebrating too long.  They're focused on a repeat performance next weekend, in the U16 tournament, and ultimately bringing their best game to the National Championships in May.  

              Coach Wayne Rabley sent us a wonderful message following the win.  "The girls won the U17 Provincials and I think much of the credit should go to you and your staff.  Our fitness and agility is a real weapon in my opinion and is often the difference at the end of a tournament.  Thanks again for your help ... and keep up the good work!"  

              In my experience a team is successful when everyone (coaches, players and parents) are all on the same page, working hard as a unit, towards a common goal.  I think this team exemplifies that, and the results they have had are a direct result of the effort they have put in over the course of the season.  

              We here at Empower are extremely proud of the team and look forward to getting them ready for their next competition!  (We're not done with you yet girls!!)

              We'll try to keep you posted on the results of our other teams competing at Provincials, best of luck to everyone in their respective tournaments.  

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              • Exercise Nutrition Symposium...anyone?!?

                Posted on April 1st, 1st 2011 by Kari

                My message here in this blog to everyone, athletes and non-athletes, is get off of your butts and start heeding the information out there.

                We all try to further our knowledge...I hope.  I do anyway.  Whether by reading books, searching for the latest research, trying something new or hearing the experiences of others- learning is key to staying current in any field! 

                So, last weekend off I went to an exercise nutrition symposium at University of Western Ontario.  How exciting! The chance to see people giving short presentations on new ideas and research that is right up my alley.  Oh ya, I was presenting too and thrilled to share some knowledge from the strength and conditioning side of things. 
                Dr. Peter Lemon started the day and piqued my interest with other factors (beyond diet and exercise) that are making our society fat.  Dr. John Berardi proposed specific ways of eating to enhance healing when injured.  Dylan Olver touched on alternative ways to lose fat...fasting!  Alwyn Wong talked about the acid base balance and optimal health.  I spoke on the common mistakes athletes make in training.  There were more presenters and great topics and it was all packed into a day that included local business displays as well.  The price was unbelievable with students paying only $25 and general public only $65.  Take my word for it... that is a great value considering that most conferences cost 10 times that!  It all sounds too good to be true, right?
                Maybe so, since the attendance was only around 100 people!  This blew me away considering the entire student body was notified about the symposium!  That is over 30,000 people not including the general public who had various forms of awareness as well.  My thoughts on this...Wow, I thought people would think this is a gold mine!  We live in a society that is increasingly fat and suffering from terminal illnesses as a result of the extra weight.  Even if someone who is overweight doesn’t contract type II diabetes or metabolic syndrome they will minimally have a poorer quality of life as they age my grandfather who could only travel with a scooter because he became so immobile!

                 My message here in this blog to everyone, athletes and non-athletes, is get off of your butts and start heeding the information out there.  Are you a teacher, doctor or researcher telling people to get fit and lose weight?  Then you ought to be practicing what you preach.  Are you a parent encouraging your child to stay in sports and eat their vegetables?  Well you better be doing the same.  Are you a food addict who hates exercise?  There are professionals that want to help.  Please stop watching your lap expand and start moving and embracing the abilities your body has.  Learn to love food again...the real stuff and remember how great it is when you feel really really good!

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